Crew Manning

Out of a pool of several thousands of seafarers of various nationalities, experience and skill base, we can provide clients with the manning scheme that they desire. Ranging from a single seafarer up to a full crew synthesis, we man vessels of all types across all ranks, carefully attending to the idiosyncratic requirements of discerning Managers. We apply strict selection criteria and we recruit the most fitting seafarers according to clients’ policies and budgetary concerns.

Through our manning scheme, Epsilon has earned an enviable reputation in our field for one of the highest retention and loyalty levels in the industry worldwide. Our care & support for our seafarers, their families and their wellbeing, our training centers that enhance the quality and sophistication of our seafarers, as well as the continuous improvement of our management system, guarantee the smooth supply of skilled labour onboard.

Epsilon Hellas can also arrange for the deployment of Repair Teams or Gas Free Teams.
These teams of well-trained professionals can tackle specific jobs on a short or medium term contract period.

Our services also include:

Crew Management

Our all-inclusive solution to your crewing needs


An integral part of our crewing business