Crew Management

Our crew management package is a holistic and comprehensive solution that takes care of all crewing parameters & issues. Related responsibilities that consume money, time and energy for a Ship Owner/Manager are managed by us and this allows clients to focus on other operational issues. Our Operations, Travel, Agency, Training and Accounts departments coordinate to ensure the seamless deployment of crewing operations for your vessels.

Given that crewing is a function of high complexity and critical importance for the operational efficiency of one’s vessels, Epsilon carefully plans and develops related solutions which offer peace of mind for the Ship Owner/Manager while at the same time retaining full and absolute control from the client’s side.

Our Crew Management scheme works under a fixed monthly lumpsum amount, agreed on an annual basis, and is generally inclusive of the following items:

  • Crew Wages, in accordance with the cover selected (CBA or not) and the nationality preferred by the Principal
  • Recruiting expenses, inclusive of Visas, Domestic travel expenses, STCW Documentation, medical examinations, company uniforms, safety shoes, winter and safety gear
  • Joining & repatriation ticket expenses for all crew.
  • Crew Victualing Cost
  • Primary Insurance cover for up to usual P+I deductible
  • Communication charges (Epsilon outgoing)
  • Cash to Master inclusive of Bank charges, insurance costs and exchange difference costs
  • Advanced Training to include BRM, ERM and ECDIS Specific
  • In-House and Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • MGA and accounts control
  • Union negotiations (where applicable)
  • Legal expenses
  • Attendance expenses, including a number of regular visits annually by our staff (Port Captain or Supt. Engineer) to the ship
  • Management Fee

The benefits of this one-stop-shop approach are:

  • minimal capital expenditure and a fixed, standard cost per month
  • improved availability and retention ratio of officers and crew alike
  • better control and planning via Epsilon’s co-ordination of all activities
  • minimization of the risk of a fallout thus ensuring smooth vessels’ sailings at all times

Our services also include:

Crew Manning

An exceptional manning pool of 15,000 seafarers


An integral part of our crewing business