Veritas Maritime Training Center to offer complimentary Electronic Engine training to the best PMMA engine department graduates

Epsilon welcomed in our Manila premises the new PMMA President Capt. Joel Abutal and Eng. Patrick M. Entendez, Director of the Department of Shipboard Training, on Friday, 24 May 2019. Capt. Abutal and Eng. Entendez met with our top management, our Veritas Manila training director and our electronic engine instructors and discussed about the future of learning and development in shipping, as shaped by the current technological advancements.

Veritas Maritime Training Center is devoted to equipping the modern seafarer with the required skills and competencies, to face the new automated and digital era, as well as providing the shipping companies with training solutions, that enable them to enhance their operational safety and efficiency. This is the reason behind our latest investment in electronic engine training, by acquiring two Mitsui ME-C Engine Control Room Systems, to be installed in our training centers in Manila and Constanta.

We are glad to announce that we will be offering to the 12 best engine department graduates of PMMA, a free ME-C Generic Familiarization Training on our new ME-C Engine Control Room System.  This initiative showcases our commitment to innovative maritime training and our investment in upskilling the new generation of seafarers.

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Cover picture from left to right: Cpt. Spencer Jara – Epsilon Vice-President Operations, Eng. Ionut Manea – Veritas Danube Lead ME Instructor, Mr. Gregory Galanakis – President of Epsilon Hellas, Cpt. Joel Abutal – PMMA President, Mr. Cenon Poblador – Veritas Manila Training Director, Eng. Mike DeGuzman – Veritas Manila ME Instructor, Eng. Patrick M. Entendez – Director, Department of Shipboard Training.