Veritas – Constanta acquires new Full Mission ERS

Constanta, Romania. 14 July 2020 – Our Veritas Training Center in Constanta has acquired the highly realistic Engine-Room simulator LER3D from Unitest. The UNITEST simulator with touchscreens is a significant innovation in the development of full mission engine room simulators. This new feature reduces the main disadvantage of full mission engine room simulators in hardware version with realistic consoles and panels that consisted in the inability to adapt to various modern solutions applied in engine rooms unless expensive hardware changes were implemented.


Hence, as a result of the introduction of touchscreen monitor technique, the simulators are much more flexible and lead to quicker adaptation to the fast-changing reality of engine rooms. The simulator provides a realistic, ship-like environment based on real hardware consoles and high quality 3D presentation. The systems include vital components, such as main engine local and remote control, engine telegraphs, engine room local panels, integrated automation system, etc.

The new addition opens a new variety of in-house, online and custom courses on different engine types, including the MAN Low Speed classic camshaft engine, RT-Flex, Dual Fuel, Diesel and LNG engine.

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