University Visits – 11 November 2015

In November, our Omikron’s Director Capt. Ozgur Alemdag and Crew Manager Capt. Burak Sermet visited the Piri Reis University’s and Dokuz Eylül University’s Maritime Faculty to offer an invited presentation to staff and students.

The Maritime Faculties at Piri Reis University and Dokuz Eylül University are specialized institutions that educate the next generation of elite deck and engineering officers of the Turkish merchant navy. During their visit, Capt. Alemdag and Capt. Sermet had the chance to present Epsilon, our services and vision to the future officers, and to answer their questions regarding a seafaring career on board a diversified multicultural fleet. Epsilon through Omikron, its branch in Turkey, has catered and has managed to build and maintain seamless relationships with the premiere Maritime Academies in Turkey. We are proud of these relationships which help us support the extrovert attitude and international orientation of the new generation of Turkish seafarers. The latter constitute the core of Omikron’s manning pool and an integral part of European firms’ human resources at sea.