Oldendorff 2022 Safety Seminar held at Piri Reis University in Istanbul

On the 28th of April our Istanbul office, Omikron, had the pleasure to organize along with our Principal Oldendorff a Safety Seminar, which took place on the campus of Piri Reis University in Istanbul. The main topic of the seminar was safety on board and included discussions on Vetting, Safety Culture, DryBMS, and presentation of case studies.

A total of 43 Turkish officers participated, while presentations were carried out by Mr. Harry Papadimitriou “Director Crewing”, Mr. Bartek Marcinkiewicz ”Crew Development Manager”, Mr. Mark Rawson ”Director QHSE” on behalf of Oldendorff. “Senior operator” Ms Elif Simsir and “Crew operators” Mr Erdi Turhan and Ms Gizem Dolu attended with “Director” Mr. Burak Sermet on behalf of Omikron. The Regional Manager of the Liberian Registry in Turkey,  Mr. Erhan Esinduy, also participated as a speaker upon invitation.


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