N.G. Livanos Maritime Visit Odessa – September 2017

A long-standing Principal of Epsilon, N.G. Livanos Maritime Co. Ltd. visited our Epsilon Odessa office on the 28th of September 2017. The visit took place as part of a formal bi-annual audit by the Company’s managers. It also aimed at enhancing relationships with the seafaring community of Odessa and bonding with Epsilon’s staff as well as inspect the facilities of Epsilon’s Training Center.

N.G.Livanos is a highly reputable shipping company putting quality at the forefront of its operational priorities. The recent historical low of the Dry Cargo Market did not detract from the Company’s quest for quality, N.G.Livanos chose to keep its budget for maintenance, training or crewing and to invest in improvements and expansion of its fleet.  In so doing, the Company strives to provide the best service to its Charterers.

N.G.Livanos’ commitment to employ Ukrainian seafarers is supplemented with a concrete Cadetship program which has helped in building up a loyal crew team and one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

The meeting took place in a joyful atmosphere and we had the chance to witness the ongoing satisfaction of N.G.Livanos with the ethos, skills and talent of Ukrainian seafarers and office personnel.

Thank you N.G.Livanos for the ongoing trust to our Odessa team!