Galinos Medical Clinic Accreditation by the UK P&I Club

We are delighted to announce the accreditation of a partnered clinic, Galinos Medical Clinic in Manila, by the UK P&I Club and, the subsequent acceptance by Britannia Club, too. We are very happy for Galinos’ achievement, which has come as a result of its commitment to serve Principals’ medical needs as professionally as possible.
Accredited clinics are the cornerstone of the “Crew Health Programme”, i.e., the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK P&I Club. As per the Club’s policy, the scheme is designed to protect Principals from claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions as well as provide a top-level medical check for seafarers’ own interest before commencing their duties at sea. It is the most extensive and inclusive scheme available in the industry since 1996, it is MLC compliant, and it is the quintessential tool in the Club’s loss prevention efforts. Hence, it is the pinnacle of recognition for a medical clinic that serves the shipping community.
Given the strict criteria for accreditation that characterize the scheme, Galinos Medical Clinic’s recognition had to be based on certain facts: sophisticated equipment, state-of-the-art premises, and highly qualified people. Indeed, Galinos’ medical equipment is sourced from the most advanced manufacturers from the U.S. (e.g., General Electric) and South Korea (e.g., Samsung), its people are among the most senior medical practitioners in the country and the clinic is housed in exceptional premises in Malate.
We are honoured to be partners with and core clients of such an esteemed clinic. If you need more information on what made this recognition possible, you may contact Dra Carol Reyes at

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