Evaluation Questionnaire by Furuno NavSkills

Veritas Maritime Training Center is a leading ECDIS Type Specific Training (TST) provider in the Philippines. The key ingredients for a successful ECDIS TST are i) our dedicated Instructors who are trained and certified by FURUNO NavSkills ii) the actual ECDIS equipment which is embedded in our training simulators in the same way one can find it onboard iii) the participants who are eager to learn in practical ways.

Following our solid commitment to advancing the aforementioned elements, we are proud of the results from the new evaluation survey released by Furuno NavSkills™ about the ECDIS Type Specific courses (FEA and FMD models). The new evaluation questionnaires were completed directly from the course participants through their PCs, mobile phones or laptops. Training participants appraised the facility, quality of training materials, instructor performance, duration of the course, length of the lesson, and overall satisfaction was found to range between ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’.

Indicatively, we are happy to announce the following results from the survey:

Quality of training facilities

EXCELLENT: 75.68% – VERY GOOD: 24.32% – ACCEPTABLE: 0.00% – POOR: 0.00% – VERY POOR: 0.00%

Quality of training material

EXCELLENT: 47.30% – VERY GOOD: 52.70% – ACCEPTABLE: 0.00% – POOR: 0.00% – VERY POOR: 0.00%

Instructor’s performance

EXCELLENT: 66.89% – VERY GOOD: 33.11% – ACCEPTABLE: 0.00% – POOR: 0.00% – VERY POOR: 0.00%

Duration of the course

EXCELLENT: 40.54% – VERY GOOD: 58.78% – ACCEPTABLE: 0.68% – POOR: 0.00% – VERY POOR: 0.00%

Overall satisfaction with the training course

EXCELLENT: 47.97% – VERY GOOD: 52.03% – ACCEPTABLE: 0.00% – POOR: 0.00% – VERY POOR: 0.00%