Epsilon Directors’ Assembly – Piraeus, 2015

During the last week of June 2015, Epsilon gladly organized its Directors’ Assembly in Piraeus, Greece. Participants included Directors from all Epsilon offices around the world.

In response to top management’s invitation, Epsilon’s regional officers, Capt. Levy Capayas, Mr. Arturo Paculdar, Mrs Jenny Apollo, Capt. Alexander Kharlamov, Capt. Vladymyr Ivanovych, Capt. Paul Aştelean and Capt. Özgür Alemdağ travelled from the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Turkey to Athens to join the event. All Epsilon directors had the chance to meet, reflect and discuss important management issues for the present and future of our group’s operations.

As part of the event, regional directors had the chance to visit Epsilon’s Principals followed, next day, by a Management Meeting at Theoxenia Hotel in Piraeus. During the Meeting, past performance was analyzed and annual targets were set with a core orientation towards enhanced customer service and seafarers’ well-being. The growth trajectory of Epsilon and remarkable achievements were announced and celebrated and a thoughtful reflection upon crewing developments took place.

Epsilon reaffirmed her commitment to service excellence, solidified the relationship with her Principals, and, once again, felt proud of her people who passionately serve the corporate mission for dedicated, quality crew management and training.