Epsilon Career Development Programs – ETO Cadetship development program initiative

Epsilon continuing its commitment to investing in Cadetship programs has initiated a new Career Development Program specifically for ETOs. Undeniably, one of the main challenges any Crew department or manning agent is currently facing is the shortage of qualified Electricians. As the demand for Electronic-Electricians is projected to increase in the upcoming years, finding skilled electricians will become even more strenuous. The international shortfall of electricians has led to an unprecedented and unreasonable increase in electricians’ wages. As less skilled Electricians enter the marine industry and professional, experienced ones either retire or seek shore-based positions, this vicious cycle will only continue, resulting to further wage increases and skills scarcity.

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Our group has monitored this situation closely and has researched various options for the development of ETOs. One of our main concerns is preserving the quality of seafarers provided to our principals, considering that no official educational institutions exist specifically for Maritime Industry Electricians in the Philippines. In view of this challenge, we are working together with Gigamare Inc. – a leading training institute in the Philippines – to develop dedicated ETOs, through an intensive 6-month training and development program.

Principals, who are looking to develop a dedicated pool of highly skilled ETOs, have already expressed their interest in our ETO Cadetship Development Program and we are pleased to announce that our first batch of ETO Cadets is already in training. We are happy to see their continuous development and we are looking forward to welcoming more ETO Cadets into our program!