On May 18, 2018, MCTC launched their new workshop called “365 Healthy Days”, an initiative that aims to educate wives and children of Filipino seafarers to prepare healthy and nutritious meals.

Epsilon aknowledging that one of the biggest challenges that the shipping industry faces today is related to the health of the seafarers, and that wholesome eating habits are vital for high energy levels, productivity, and good health, currently invests to educate seafarers in healthy cooking methods while onboard vessels.

In this light, Epsilon was proud to participate in the “365 Healthy Days” workshop, aiming to offer the wives and children of our seafarers a formal education in healthy cooking.

Some of the topics concentrated during this workshop were:
– Introduction to a healthier lifestyle
– Video presentation of Sugar and its effects in our health
– Practically baking by using healthier options and ingredients
– Practically cooking national and international dishes by taking into consideration healthy cooking methods and ingredients.
– Usage of kitchen equipment. i.e. oven, which is not commonly used in households in the Philippines.

MCTC chefs encouraged participants to engage in actual food preparation, and everyone was impressed with the smart kids who never failed to express their thoughts, and ask many questions.

Most importantly participants were given the chance to realize the importance of healthy nutrition, and were inspired to adopt new cooking methods that will ensure the health of both the seafarers and their entire families

We all enjoyed the event and looking forward to support such initiatives in the future.