Vision, Mission, Quality Policy

Company’s Vision

Epsilon Maritime Services, Incorporated envisions to become the leading Manning Agency in the country employing marine crew who are responsive to the ever changing and competitive maritime industry needs.

Company’s Mission

The Corporation aims to provide Quality Maritime Manpower to all its clients. To carry out this mission, the company has adopted and now also provides training services for its crew in order to further develop and accelerate their promotion thus sustaining the socio-economic transformation of the community and the country as a whole.

  • Provide quality maritime officer/crew that will promote personal development, social responsibility, technological proficiency and professional integrity.
  • Provide quality training programs, facilities, instructors and other needed resources that will ensure skills enhancement of maritime professionals.
  • Provide responsible professionals/leaders, competent technologies, and dynamic Crew Management for maritime industry needs and development.

Quality Policy

  • “We at Epsilon Maritime Services, Inc. are committed to provide high quality and globally competitive manning and training services that will continuously meet the demands of our Principals, the Maritime industry and all interested parties thereby ensuring excellent service beyond customers’ satisfaction.”
  • “We shall continually improve our operations in compliance to applicable regulatory and statutory requirements, being sensitive to the internal and external factors that will affect the context of our Organization to ensure effectiveness of the established Quality Management System.”
  • “Our people’s capabilities shall be developed and improved so that they may be more competent and able to provide a working environment that reflects quality as a way of life.”